Want to start your own Mother’s Day Fundraiser?

You are awesome! 😊 Let’s get you all set up.


Step One

Navigate to the Humble Design Facebook Page and click the three dots under the cover photo.


Step Two

Choose "Create Fundraiser” from the dropdown menu.


Step Three

Make sure your own name is selected under “Who is organizing the fundraiser?" and Humble Design is selected under “Who are you raising money for?”

Choose your fundraising goal and fundraiser expiration date. (Our campaign ends June 1st. We recommend ending yours on or before that date.)


Step Four

Name your fundraiser and personalize the description to fit your personality and audience.


Step Five

Choose a cover photo that will be shown on your timeline. (We recommend the one shown in the sample picture.)

Click the Create button to finish.



That’s it! Your fundraiser will be live on your page.

Thank you for your support and your help in furnishing homes for moms in need.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Happy Mother’s Day!